Try to stay calm and not be nervous before you take the baby in his arms. Otherwise clumsiness and slow movements can lead to wrong actions and even to injury of a child.
Stand in front of the baby so that his head was located to your left and right legs, because you will have it on the left hand - usually it is like holding a baby.
Lean over the newborn in order to save it "way" up to you, because every lifting baby out of the bed – stress for him. Because even the distance to you, which it must overcome, will be shorter.
Take your left hand, fingers spread, under the neck of the newborn so that the thumb and index finger supporting the head of the child, his neck was located in the center of your palm and part of the palm under the ring finger and little finger together with the said fingers supported upper back of the child. Thus, the lower part of the skull, neck and upper back child will lie on your palm. It's easy, costs only a few times to try to do these actions.
Move the right hand under the baby by his left side and place it lower back, buttocks and upper thighs in his right hand and wrist.
Try to raise a child with low bed surface or pelenator not only by force of arms, and connect to this action the strength of your back. In this case we would not need to keep the baby weight on your hands: this will reduce the likelihood that the baby will slip from them, and the baby will be comfortable.
After the newborn is picked up, you need to locate. Push the baby horizontally to his body. Holding the child's head on the left palm, smooth motion bring the right palm under the lower back and buttocks of the baby under his back. Moving the baby gradually is located on the right hand up to her elbow and the palm of the right hand gradually taking the position under his head.
At that moment your right hand reaches the head of the child and you will be able to support it, the left hand needs to move along the back to the buttocks of the baby. In this case the newborn with the right hand is shifted to the left. When positioned correctly the head and the back of the child should lie on her left arm at the elbow, buttocks – in the left palm, thigh maintain the newborn palm of his right hand.