Kinds of stylers

The number of functions stylers are divided into universal and specialized. The package versatile Styler comes with multiple attachments: Curling your hair to add volume, lift hair at the roots and so on. With the help of this Styler is easy to create a traditional hair, Flirty curls, and even a perfectly smooth hair. Universal hair Styler handles the ferry. This model is suitable for various experiments with her hair. After all, it is "Curling", a round brush and flat iron in one.

A specialized Styler designed to execute only one operation: it does not have removable nozzles. Such a device operates on hair own the hot surface. When you know your type of installation, do not overpay for additional features.

The basis of both universal and specialized Styler is handle with inside heating element. To the handle to attach various attachments. Any Styler has a temperature controller: it can be mechanical or digital. The device works to create hairstyles from electricity.

Stylers very convenient to travel, because with their help you can do styling in the hotel, plane or train. Especially popular are Autonomous stylers that run on batteries.

How to choose a hair Styler?

Once you have decided what kind of Styler you need, pay attention to the capacity of the device. Styler to 0.1 kW suitable for normal domestic installation: it is well creates curls and straightens hair. Power up to 1.5 kW are designed for professional styling. With the help of Styler with high power, you can create a hairstyle for any hair type.

At present more modern models of stylers are electronically controlled. With the help of it the temperature can be adjusted with an accuracy of one degree. This allows you to perform gentle styling. Models with mechanical controls provide a simple button "on-off" and the temperature control of the heating in the engine. Models with mechanical control are deprecated, so they are much cheaper.

Of course, it is necessary to understand the different surfaces of stylers. Thus, the ceramic coating distributes heat very well and practically does not injure the hair. Tourmaline and keratin impregnation helps smooth and Shine hair. But the metal surface is a danger to curls. It is attractive only low cost and high speed of heating.

The width of the plates depends on the length of the hair. So, for long hair the permissible width is more than 3 cm for short hair will suit plate widths of up to 2.5 cm.

And finally, get Styler in major appliance stores. Sellers are required to provide you with a receipt, registration certificate and warranty service for a certain period of time.