Raisins are a great alternative to sweets and chocolate, which can cause babies have allergies and colic, and other troubles with digestion. Sweet dried fruit contains a lot of nutrients, so it can strengthen the immunity of the nursing mother and baby. But the use of this natural sweetness, you need to remember that a raisin is contraindicated in some diseases.

Benefits of raisins for mom and baby?

Today the incredibly sweet and flavorful raisins are made from different grapes, so nursing moms can choose dried fruit to your taste. Raisins not only has excellent taste, is a kind of natural sedative. We can safely equate this dried natural medicines, because the structure of the raisins are antioxidants necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.

Raisins are rich in oleanolic acid, this antioxidant strengthens the immune system, promotes the excretion of toxins. Also dried grapes lot of folic acid, which is involved in the process of hematopoiesis. Prized raisins for the content of vitamin e, a substance strengthens blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure.

Useful raisins for nursing moms and babies because of the content of b vitamins, magnesium. The composition of the dried fruit contains vitamin K, which has beneficial effects on blood clotting. Raisins helps to increase red blood cells. It has a positive effect dried grapes and on the nervous system.

How often can eating raisins during pregnancy

Nursing moms can eat raisins regularly, and you can use it in pure form and in the composition of cakes and compote. Useful dried fruit is recommended to enter into the diet gradually, monitoring the reaction of the baby. All because of dried grapes can cause a baby's flatulence, colic.

Sweet raisins will benefit both mom and baby, if you choose a quality product. Buy dried fruits need here, be sure to check the expiration date of raisins. Before use, yellow or black raisins should be thoroughly washed, pour over boiling water. You can also boil the dried fruit in water.

A clear opinion of physicians about when a nursing mother can eat raisins, no. The main thing – the reaction of the woman and the baby on this product. If it is normal, to give up dried fruit is not necessary. But because of the high sugar content of the raisins is not recommended in case of diabetes, excess weight, stomach ulcers. It is advisable not to combine dried grapes with the foods that cause fermentation in order not to harm the digestive system of the baby.