Make audit products in the house. Before you had to live on 1000 roubles in a month, you're like that and where we lived. Some products from the past, and most likely, left. Digging "the bottom of the barrel" you can find so many cereals, pasta and sugar, it is quite possible to stretch them a month. A thousand rubles to spend on chocolate at the end of the week as a bonus.
Write a list of products that need to be purchased. Sausage, marshmallow, avocado and instant oatmeal don't apply to them. We must proceed from the value of the products and their nutritional value. For example, a can of corned beef costs an average of 50 rubles, 400 rubles you can buy 8 cans, two in a week. There is still 600 rubles. They can acquire a bunch of healthy ingredients:1 l vegetable oil – 40 RUB 3 dozen eggs - 90 roubles for 1 kg of rice - 40 RUB 1 kg of carrots - 13 roubles for 1 kg of onions - 15 RUB 2 kg vermicelli – 50 roubles for 1 kg buckwheat - 87 RUB 2 kg of oat flakes - 30 RUB 2 kg of bread - $ 25 total together with a stew - 990 rubles. The list is exemplary and can vary depending on taste preferences and price fluctuations.
Create a menu for each week, solely on the basis of those products, that is. Stick to the menu and don't forget to prepare to the extent possible, diverse. Keep in mind that one of the cans of corned beef, for example, you can cook 4 dishes per person: buckwheat soup with stewed meat, pasta, rice with carrots, onions and corned beef and stewed potatoes.
Cook frequently and in small portions. You should not boil a huge pot of porridge for a few days. Otherwise, after a few days you can turn up the dishes, which at first went well.
Call all friends, acquaintances, colleagues, if you have money on the phone. And if you have Internet access, do not forget about social networking. Guests behave differently in under any pretext. Coming with an embarrassed smile, tell, fell, wine crashed, the shards from the bottle fell into the cake, and I left my wallet at home. The owners may not believe, but will not drive. On the contrary, seated at a table and feed. Most importantly, do not walk on the same address multiple times.
Take a small legal violation. Preferably in front of the police or within sight of the precinct. The likelihood that you will provide free meals for 15 days high. Delicious is unlikely, but in your goals is not included.
Arrange to work in a large dining room, preferably in a hospital or school. As a dishwasher or porter will take you gladly. In such places often still have old Soviet practices, and the workers eat there. And not the one brought from home. Breakfast or lunch will be provided, and for dinner what you will catch.
Join the society are. They claim that they can eat only solar energy. Adopting such a valuable experience and saved a thousand rubles you can spend on food, and other useful acquisition.