Greece visa requirements

Greece enter the EU, its visa is a Schengen. If you already have a Schengen visa of any country, this issue is closed for you. If no visa, then it must be done. Requirements for Schengen visa standard application form, financial documents, booking tickets and hotels. In recent years we can note a positive trend in the issuance of visas to Greece: it has become much more willing to issue multiple visas to Russians, and used to give mainly a single entry visa.

Buying tickets and booking hotels

To Greece from Russia flies quite a lot of planes, it is possible to find a suitable alternative, wherever you flew. Some companies offer and all pretty budget. Overall, if you take the tickets no later than a month before departure, we can confidently expect a price of around 100-130 euros for a one way ticket from Moscow. Often the airline is satisfied with the action which is impossible to find and cheaper variants. To find tickets conveniently on such sites as

If you fly to the Islands in Greece, then pay attention to the flights, it usually is Athens. This option is often much cheaper.

Hotels in Greece is not so simple. In high season, in summer, the room rate is becoming quite high. This is an argument in favor of reservation in advance. The sooner you start to plan your journey, the cheaper it will cost you. The perfect period to travel to Greece will be early fall, September or beginning of October. Prices are already low, and the sea is still warm. Hotels convenient to look for such services as

Where and when to go

If you have the opportunity to travel in the low season is the most profitable and enjoyable option. The high season lasts from late spring to early fall. On the other hand, a holiday in Greece a good warm sea and good weather on the Islands, so in the off-season you will not experience such pleasure.

The nature of Greece is very diverse, everyone can find something that would have appealed to him. Besides, wherever you go, you will not get bored: plenty of excursions and interesting places can be found anywhere in Greece. The most undeveloped recreation destinations in Greece: Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Peloponnese. Halkidiki, KOs. Santorini and Mykonos are places that deserve a separate discussion. Incredibly beautiful, they are also associated with many legends. But the prices on vacation here above. If you want to relax in privacy and feel more peace, recommended to choose other Islands.

The sea and the beaches good in any place of Greece, and healthy Mediterranean food will delight you, no matter where you were.