Often it happens that when dealing manifested absolute difference of two people of different thoughts, opinions and ways to Express them. Emotional and sensitive person a long time then going through this situation, considers and carries. He realizes that it affects him, but can not understand and accept another person the way he is.
Worst of all, when this sensitivity a person feels toward a close friend or relative, because you need to communicate further, and there is no understanding. To learn how to react calmer and accepting of other people, you should try to adhere to a few rules.
We must accept the fact that everyone is different. If a person starts to argue, then it's not because he wants to spoil the relationship, but only due to the fact that he sincerely believes he is right. To convince him not make sense, it is worth doing only in the most extreme cases, when fundamental questions is the highest. But we need only to accept the fact that thinking all people are completely different, as it becomes easier to take someone else's incorrect viewpoint.
The same applies to the habits of other people. You cannot retrain a colleague to talk on the phone quieter or force your spouse to put dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher. We can only accept the fact that for them this action is normal and to be nervous about this or not – the choice of everyone.
We need to continue to be treated with respect even to the person not for that respect. If it does not fit in the overall picture and accepted the rules, you need to understand that the rules are also very subjective. For someone to throw a cigarette butt is unacceptable, and someone to steal will not hesitate.
Make the man always as he is, means to cease to expect something from him. When you do not expect anything from another person and relate exactly to all others, life will be less frustrating. You should try to accept as an axiom that the man is not bad, but just different. Some people in this case it helps a wise saying: "nobody Nobody should."
Another important rule on the way to acceptance of others is love of yourself. Accepting yourself the way nature intended and implemented parents, with all the advantages and disadvantages, people have changed their attitude to surrounding people, learning is easier to see the faults of others. Then disappointment in life will be less, and the nervous system will continue for years to come.