The seemingly obvious answer to this question - they were born in a certain belief already. Muslims, Catholics or Hindus. In many cases they are not allowed to question faith, convinced of God. In addition, there are certain social circumstances, by which believers are strictly followed.Each temple creates a sense of support, community. A conventional utilitarian life destroyed their values and religion has filled these voids. Faith in God convinces people that in his face you can purchase a mentor during difficult times. The man who lives in a dominant religion but have different views, it may be misunderstood in this society.A lot of people, trying to understand the complexity of the Universe or watching the beauty of nature, come to believe that there is something more in this world that could create such beauty, and the whole physical world around us. Once all religions have developed the history of life on our planet. And almost all of them, it was all created by a higher being — God. But this is only one of many answers.Probably the main reason for belief in God comes from man's own experience. Maybe someone got the answer to your prayers. Someone heard a warning voice in time of danger. Someone who received the blessing, successfully completed the job. Here then a sense of peace and happiness, and the man goes to Church, reads the Scriptures.Today, many people, despite the many advances of science and technology, remain unhappy in some of their unfulfilled needs. This is due to social problems, and a valid hardship, and the desire for more and compare their own life with the life more successful. Faith in God needs man in order to understand the meaning of your life, what to do to become happy. After all, one needs strict rules and regulations that will allow you to control certain actions, another, on the contrary, you need more freedom and expression.Faith in God gives a person direction, understanding of the purpose and value of life. This gives you the opportunity to identify their priorities, to understand relationships, their requirements for themselves and the world.