How to make mercerized cotton

Mercerized cotton is regular cotton fabric passed special treatment, thanks to which the material acquires special properties – high strength, resistance to abrasion, softness. First take the cotton thread and soak them in an alkaline solution, then thoroughly washed. This procedure increases the durability of the material makes it more receptive to dyes allows to achieve more stable and uniform dyeing and special color intensity.

Next, the cotton is bleached or dyed, neutralizing in the absence of hydrogen, i.e. completely eliminating material from the residue of alkali. There are several different types of staining such threads, and professionals choose those options that are most appropriate in a particular situation.

In the last turn of the thread is treated with the use of gas burners. This step is necessary so that the material is smooth, soft to the touch, shiny. The villi in getopaque removed.

What are the advantages of mercerized cotton

From the usual mercerized cotton is smooth, soft, slight sheen, due to which this material is confused with the silk. He was very pleasant to the touch, so perfectly suitable for making underwear. To wear clothes made of this material can and small children, because it does not cause allergies and irritation, do not RUB the skin, perfectly removes moisture and allow air to pass.

Mercerized cotton is very durable and low maintenance fabric. This material can be painted in a variety of colors. When washing colored mercerized cotton does not fade, and when exposed to the sun's rays – does not fade. It can save the strength of yarn and color brightness for a long time, so it is made from things commonly used for several years. The strength of the material is particularly important when it comes to choosing socks: these products are made from mercerized cotton, will be comfortable, pleasant to the touch and quite reliable and durable.

Unlike conventional cotton, mercerized material resistant to contamination. It hardly creases, is also an important advantage. When washing the fabric is not deformed and does not shrink, and stroking it can be a simple iron without steam and other extra modes.