You will need
  • Potatoes, solution of copper sulphate, potassium permanganate, stimulants, fertilizers with microelements, insectofungicide drugs.
Before planting be sure to remove the potato varieties, then to put them in different places. To obtain a super-profitable crops (300-400 grams of potatoes with weave) carefully consider pre-treatment. The simplest thing you can do is sprout the tubers in a lighted and well-ventilated lighting during the month. The temperature should be quite cool: +10...+15°C. the Tubers are spread out in boxes for a maximum of two layers. From time to time turn the potatoes, and the boxes rotate to light different sides. If all the conditions in the tubers grow thick and strong shoots.
Also shows good results spraying the tubers with a solution of copper sulphate every week. The ratio is 2 grams per 10 liters of water. Either spray the tubers with potassium permanganate solution (3 grams per 10 liters of water). Before use, rinse the potatoes and Pat dry. Solutions will have action in contact with the dirt on vegetables. However, it is not necessary that the potatoes were in the liquid, otherwise it will simply rot.
Before planting, be sure to follow the treatment of potato tubers protective - stimulating drugs. One of these is the stimulant "Patatin". For spraying 50-60 kg of potatoes take one vial of the drug and dissolve in a liter of ordinary water. Good performance shows the processing of tubers in various trace elements: boron, manganese, copper, molybdenum, zinc. All these substances are contained in the complex fertilizer "Mick".
After planting a lot of damage to potato tubers can cause a variety of pests living in the soil: and lozhnoprovolochniki wireworm, mole cricket, budworm podgryzayuschie, may chafer. So be sure to edit the special insectofungicide drugs. These include the "Cruiser", "Maxim", "the Prestige" and many others. Moreover, "Prestige" protects not only against soil pests, but also from the Colorado potato beetle. For 100 kg of potatoes to be dissolved in 100 ml of product in 6 liters of water. The tubers spread out on the foil and spray at least 3/4 of the surface of the vegetable.
Many gardeners practice the warming up of the potato, it is not possible to grow it in natural lighting. To do this, the room temperature must be at least 18-20oC. The heating is carried out 8-10 days. Please note that very long heating leads to formation of long shoots, which can be reversed when landing. Because of this, the yield is reduced by 40%. The most viable are the first sprouts.