Advice 1: As bloom coniferous

Conifers do not have such flowers, which usually appear in spring in gardens and forests. Their blooms are not like any flowering tree, nor to many other flowering trees. The flowers of conifers are cones, the male often yellow and the female green. And so some people are mistaken in saying that coniferous plants are not in bloom.
As bloom coniferous
As such, the term "bloom" to softwood use is not customary, but in the scientific literature talking about the flowering spruce, pine, cedar. All because the spring on such trees appear bumps – a kind of reproductive organs. This is what is called the flowering of conifers.

Flowering in conifers of the Northern latitudes begins approximately in April, before the deciduous trees there are first leaflets as abundant leaves can prevent the spread of pollen. Flowers usually coniferous is no smell. Pollen is carried by wind over long distances, and pretty amazing in the spring puddles and on roadsides to meet unusual colored dust.

Flowering in Scots pine

To see similarities in the flowering gymnosperms, is for example to compare a few different types. The time of flowering of Scots pine is at the end of may/beginning of June. Flowers pine glabrous, monoecious and collected in bumps. At flowering, the bloom young also pine needles. Male inflorescences collected in a kind of spikes, female in small oval cones. The male and female inflorescences are on different branches and at the their ends to needles did not interfere with pollination.

Flowering of Siberian larch

Flowering of Siberian larch have at the end of may, although seen in more southern regions, flowering begins in April. Flowering duration is approximately five to ten days. Bumps are on the crown evenly. Male inflorescences collected in oblong spikelets yellow or yellow-green. And the women, in turn, have a more rounded shape, color varies from pale green to red-violet.

Flowering of Siberian cedar

Cedar blooms across the entire width. Lower branches form the so-called growth layer. Siberian stone pine, like other conifers, the female genital organs form a lump – makrostrobili. They are either formed in a particular layer of the crown, or in mixed. In the year of flowering the female strobile cedar is six phases of ontogenesis: erect or appressed Bud, Bud, followed by open, half open and closed lump. Depending on the temperature and weather conditions the duration of each phase is three to six days. Male inflorescences are collected at the base of the branches and have an orange-crimson color.

All coniferous trees in the flowering process occurs is approximately the same. May change the time of flowering depending on climate, and the size and color of male and female inflorescences, depending on the plant species.

Advice 2: When blooming Apple trees

Flowering of Apple trees occurs in the spring and in may-June, depending on the climate of each particular region. The favorable temperature for flowering is +15-22 °C. the cooler, the longer the color is pleasing to the eye.
When blooming Apple trees
Apple is the most common deciduous fruit tree of the family of colored. This genus includes about 36 species, but in Russia and on the territory of CIS common a little more than 10 types. Cultivars were derived from the low Apple tree, forest, berry and Chinese.

When the Apple appears color

It is no secret that Apple trees bloom in the spring, but in each region it occurs in a different period. In the southern regions and the temperate regions, the trees covered with white fragrant flowers in early to mid-may. In areas where the temperate climate gives way to cold temperate, the time of flowering is shifted to the end of may-beginning of June. A lot depends on weather conditions: if it was spring or later. A favorable period for flowering is the time when the air temperature warms up to +15-22 °C, and continues this process from 6 to 18 days, and the cooler, more color pleasing to the eye.

A healthy tree gives color to 9-10 years after planting, but the first color is negligible, as a rule, you can eat only 2-3 fruit. To wait for a good platonos will help regular pruning in spring and autumn the trees need to ditch to the root system was growing in strength. Once a month, need to thin out the crown and do not forget to whitewash the trunk. The flowering of Apple trees is influenced by many factors, in particular, the close proximity of lilac, for obvious reasons undesirable.

Types of decorative Apple trees

Many ornamental species of Apple trees are grown for their unusual and beautiful flowering. Particularly successful in this the Chinese, who are known since ancient times took care of bringing your soul in harmony with the surrounding world, filling it with peace and wisdom, moreover, is not only aesthetic pleasure: from one hectare of ornamental Apple trees can collect up to 30 kg of honey.

Sort of Sargent has the form of a Bush, covered with snowy-white flowers, and branches drooping to the ground weeping and umbrella-trees, can be used as a gazebo, is able to hide from the midday heat. When color covered with Apple trees, Toringo and Siebold, the pink color of their inflorescences is gradually replaced by white.
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