Herbal teas

With the help of calming teas you can not only cope with a variety of neurological disorders, but also to improve overall health, normalize the cardiovascular system.

Soothing teas prepared from different herbs and plants that have sedative effects. You can buy a ready-made collection at the pharmacy or to pick up a combination, focusing on your own taste and the effect you want to achieve.

Many people do not like the taste of the drink brewed solely from medicinal herbs, in this case, you can use green tea as the base, adding soothing herbs when brewing. As such tea-the basics you can use virtually any varieties of green tea, as they contain a huge amount flavonids and antioxidants that help the body to overcome depression and stress. It should be noted that bergamot, lime and Jasmine also have a calming effect, it does not affect perception and increase the level of health.

Composition of soothing tea

Valerian is one of the most famous medicinal plants. Teas with added Valerian root will normalize the heart rhythm and pressure, providing a wonderful relaxing effect.

Motherwort not only has antidepressant and sedative effects, but can also act as antispasmodic. In tea, usually add the leaves of this plant.

St. John's wort has on the body is complex, soft effect. It relieves you from anxiety, fear, greatly increases resistance to stress and depression. For making a soothing tea using St. John's wort flowers gathered in the first half of the summer.

Chamomile is another common component of soothing teas. It makes the nerves, relieves anxiety, is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent.

Widespread teas with mint. This plant is a natural antidepressant, improves sleep and increases the body's resistance to various stresses.

Hops has antispasmodic effect, relieves aching pain in the stomach and heart, which often occur during nervous overstrain. It is best brewed with green tea, as hops has a fairly strong and specific taste.

Soothing teas are best drunk in small courses for two or three weeks, it makes them more effective. It is very important to follow the dosage in order not to harm the body. Note that the most soothing plants in too large doses can cause drowsiness, affect memory and attention. If you have an increased sensitivity to such means, be sure to reduce the dosage.