Carbon is both very lightweight and extremely durable material, it is possible to produce parts of any size and configuration. CFRP has excellent aerodynamic performance, it is able to withstand any critical temperature. Threads carbon very resistant to stretching, on a par with steel. However, when compressing or spot strikes they can break, so they twist at a certain angle and add rubber thread.

The construction industry

In the construction uglerodistykh use in the system of external reinforcement, e.g. in the construction or repair of bridges, industrial or warehouse buildings. This allows the reconstruction with significantly less effort in comparison with traditional methods in a shorter time. The service life of the bearing structure increases several times.


In aviation, of carbon fiber creating a solid composite laminate. Aluminum alloys lose in comparison by carbon fiber. Composite parts have 5 times less weight and far greater strength and flexibility as well as resistance to pressure and corrosionist. Even their high cost is not critical, as the extent of the use of carbon in this area is not so great. The number of carbon fibers is about 10 percent of their total production.

The space industry

In rocket composite materials are used very widely. High load space missions impose relevant requirements to the materials used in the manufacture of parts. Carbon materials can handle high and low temperatures, when the vibrational loads in vacuum and under radiation exposure.

The nuclear industry

The nuclear industry uses carbon fiber in creating power reactors resistant to high temperatures, radiation and high pressure. In addition, in this sector, special attention is given the overall strength of the outer structures, and the external reinforcement system also has extensive application.

The automotive industry

In the automotive industry from composite materials produce individual parts and components and car body as a whole. The combination of strength and lightness enables the safe and environmentally friendly cars. Make of carbon fiber body kits, hoods, spoilers. Carbon brake discs - an indispensable attribute of a racing car.


Shipbuilding high strength, corrosion resistance, high shock resistance and low thermal conductivity make carbon fiber the best material for the fabrication of hull structures of submarines.

Wind energy

One of the most important applications of uglerodistykh - wind power. The ease and unsurpassed Flexural strength of these materials allow to create extra long blades with greater energoproizvoditelej.

Rail industry

The same parameters of carbon fiber reinforced plastics demand in the railway industry. The use of these materials facilitates the design of cars, reducing this total weight of the compositions, which allows to increase their length and improve high-speed characteristics. In addition, carbon fiber can be used in the construction of the railway.

Consumer goods

Composite materials are intensively included in the life of every person. Of carbon fiber are many consumer goods - parts of household appliances, sports equipment and accessories, furniture, interior details, musical instruments and much more.