You must first find out the cause of a failure of the archive. These reasons are many, but the main are the following:- unstable Internet connection;- error with browser or another program with which a file was uploaded;- the absence on the user's computer appropriate software;- error when creating files.The so-called "drop in networking" or temporary cessation of Internet traffic carried out by the provider, may cause failure of the archive to execute the command unzip to the folder specified in the default settings. Modern browsers provide the resume file after a sudden stop of data transmission. However, unfortunately, with files uploading does not work. Despite the fact that a browser or special program shows the operation of the archives and their 100% integrity, in practice it turns out that it is not. To remedy the situation, it is better to reload the files.If the upload was standard and the files downloaded without a problem, but it doesn't open, it is necessary to check the permission of files. Determine what letters are in his name immediately after the point. Sometimes there are rather exotic examples of when the packaging files used unknown archivers whose standards are not supported well-known raspasovschika files. In this case, the user receives a notification system, "the archive is damaged or has an unknown format". The solution to this problem lies on the surface. It is necessary, focusing on the resolution of the archive, to find the program that these archives support and successfully works with them.Software that uses a user can also have failures. There are situations in which the browsers download the file with a stable Internet connection, however to extract the files to the user fails. If reinjection is not helping, then you need to change the way the browser is taking file from the source. For example, using the Opera browser, sometimes it is necessary to save the file at the link by right mouse button, and click the link with the left button and give the command to open the file. The computer will offer the program-archiver, which is the default and is responsible for unpacking archives. In this program the user will need to select the destination folder of the archive and to activate the extraction process files.The latest and sad for the user the reason of inactivity the downloaded archive error when creating the file itself. It is clear that in this case, no tricks will not help and the user will have to find another source to download the necessary files.