Advice 1: What to do if the archive is damaged

The modern Internet user has a huge amount of information. Often the Internet connection speed is not high enough in order to watch your favorite movie, listen to music, or play online. The only solution in this case is to download the content to the hard drive of the computer. To reduce Internet traffic files are Packed in archives with the help of special programs-archivers. Sometimes when you extract the files appears on the file damage. What to do in this case?
What to do if the archive is damaged
You must first find out the cause of a failure of the archive. These reasons are many, but the main are the following:- unstable Internet connection;- error with browser or another program with which a file was uploaded;- the absence on the user's computer appropriate software;- error when creating files.The so-called "drop in networking" or temporary cessation of Internet traffic carried out by the provider, may cause failure of the archive to execute the command unzip to the folder specified in the default settings. Modern browsers provide the resume file after a sudden stop of data transmission. However, unfortunately, with files uploading does not work. Despite the fact that a browser or special program shows the operation of the archives and their 100% integrity, in practice it turns out that it is not. To remedy the situation, it is better to reload the files.If the upload was standard and the files downloaded without a problem, but it doesn't open, it is necessary to check the permission of files. Determine what letters are in his name immediately after the point. Sometimes there are rather exotic examples of when the packaging files used unknown archivers whose standards are not supported well-known raspasovschika files. In this case, the user receives a notification system, "the archive is damaged or has an unknown format". The solution to this problem lies on the surface. It is necessary, focusing on the resolution of the archive, to find the program that these archives support and successfully works with them.Software that uses a user can also have failures. There are situations in which the browsers download the file with a stable Internet connection, however to extract the files to the user fails. If reinjection is not helping, then you need to change the way the browser is taking file from the source. For example, using the Opera browser, sometimes it is necessary to save the file at the link by right mouse button, and click the link with the left button and give the command to open the file. The computer will offer the program-archiver, which is the default and is responsible for unpacking archives. In this program the user will need to select the destination folder of the archive and to activate the extraction process files.The latest and sad for the user the reason of inactivity the downloaded archive error when creating the file itself. It is clear that in this case, no tricks will not help and the user will have to find another source to download the necessary files.

Advice 2: What to do if caught the virus

A virus is a malicious program that can damage data on your computer, compromise its performance or even disable it. The virus must be eliminated as soon as possible.
What to do if caught the virus
To deal with computer viruses is difficult, it is much easier to prevent their occurrence. Be sure to install on your computer antivirus program. Now on the Internet you can find and download antiviruses free or paid subscription. Regularly check hard drive for viruses. As a rule, antivirus software has automatic checks that you can adjust to your liking. Don't visit suspicious website and do not download files from unfamiliar resources.If you caught the virus, to get rid of it in several ways. Antivirus scan all hard drives on your computer. Upon completion the program will display a scan result with the detected virus and will offer three solutions to the problem: to cure, to quarantine and delete. Choose "delete" is guaranteed to rid you of the virus. If your computer is missing antivirus software, download online healing utility such as CureIt or COMODO Cleaning Essentials. Install them and delete the detected viruses.If virus does not allow you to access the Internet, blocking the browser, try uninstalling it in the following way. Go to the Windows folder and then system32 folder.Select the drivers folder and log in etc. In Notepad, open the hosts file. Delete everything after the line.localhost and save the file. Now restart the computer. In any case, install an antivirus and scan the hard drives.With banners that cover a large part of the desktop and require to send cash for free, you can fight it by restarting the computer in safe mode. After a safe reboot, enable the antivirus or the attending utility and remove the virus.If a virus has completely locked your computer, start the operating system from another drive. Use run from the live CD, check the system for viruses and destroy them. You can also connect extra hard drive with the OS installed. Run operating system from it, and check all hard drives, antivirus programs.

Advice 3: What to do if the symptoms of stomach ulcers

Typical manifestations of gastric ulcer are pain, "stomach", vomiting and heartburn, and when the disease is acute, there are the so-called hunger pains that stopped after a half hour or an hour after your next meal. Often also pain during the night. It is particularly strong if one eats fried, fatty, spicy and salty foods — that is one that injures the damaged gastric mucosa.
What to do if the symptoms of stomach ulcers
If you have any of these symptoms, ulcer likely, but it is unlikely that you need to put a diagnosis yourself unless you are a medical worker. It could be some other disease of the gastrointestinal tract. And the ulcer is not always manifested in that way. Occasionally at a young age it generally occurs without symptoms. In General, if you have a suspicion that the stomach is not okay, contact your doctor immediately.The medical establishment is fibrogastroscopic research and radiograph of the stomach, analyses are made of the gastric juice and biopsy. And based on the obtained data doctor establishes whether the person with the ulcer, where it is located, which has a size, shape, etc. also Determined the level of acidity of gastric juice. All this allows you to understand how to treat peptic ulcer disease a particular patient, because the therapy is always individual. The important thing is that you can do immediately is to review your way of life because more often than not he contributes to the emergence and development of the disease. If you smoke, quit. Minimize the use of beverages that cause increased acid secretion in the stomach. It's coffee, alcohol, Cola. Refrain from fried, fatty, smoked, canned and spicy foods. Try to reduce the amount of salt to 10 g per day. To food does not hurt your stomach, try to grind, even grind, and also use warm and never hot or cold. Eat better more and more slowly. Do not prepare and don't heat food in the microwave. It is not recommended to take acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin). If necessary, replace it with a different medication.Will help to strengthen the walls of the stomach and improve the condition of the mucous membrane of vitamins a, C, b and zinc.To treat ulcers in the home, it is useful to use the people's money. Only it is not necessary to substitute the whole range of medical activities.Prepare a decoction of licorice root, marshmallow, comfrey (20 g each) and celandine herb (10 g). Take it daily two or three glasses half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is approximately three weeks.Prepare a decoction of fennel fruit, chamomile flowers (20 g) and lime color (40 g). This should be made as needed, in the form of heat and on an empty stomach as antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory agents, one to three glasses a day.Make an infusion of equal parts (20 g) grass centaury, St. John's wort and cudweed, chamomile flowers, mint leaves. Take morning and evening for half a Cup half an hour before meals. It is believed that the decoction has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, and also heals the ulcer faster. And finally, another important tip. In modern life it is not easy, but still try to protect you from stress. Set yourself up to be less nervous over nothing. And will help you with this regular exercise, mental relaxation of the body and massage.
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