You will need
  • Pepper with a height of 25 cm, sharp scissors.
A properly made side-shoot removing gives the plant more energy for fruit formation. Start pasynkovat pepper, only when its height is 25 cm. After successfully pinching a Bush of the pepper will start to develop in breadth, the stronger will grow side shoots - all of this will have a positive impact on the crop. Tsepinite only weak shoots and the strong shoots that are in the area of the stem, place. It is considered sufficient to keep the side shoots in the amount of 5-6 pieces. If, however, do not remove side shoots accurately, then the pepper will soon get sick, throw off the bloom and may die.
Start to remove side shoots that will remove the apical part of the stem. From lateral shoots in the upper part of the stem pick 5 pieces: they have to be very large and strong. Weak and thin shoots located at the bottom of the stem, cut it off. After that the plant begins actively growing, forming a compact Bush form. On strong shoots will form the future crop. Note that pepper is a plant of the collective: to grow alone it does not like. Therefore, they can be planted close to each other. When you remove side shoots of the neighboring peppers create favorable conditions for growth.
Do not remove side shoots in a hot and dry season. With a very strong sun side shoots themselves create shade for the plants and protect the root system from drying out. Direct sunlight does not fall directly on the soil. Therefore, moisture at the roots lasts longer. Which is very important for such moisture-loving crops like pepper. If the plant is sick, then set the remove side shoots until his full recovery. If you cut off the extra shoots now, it will only worsen the condition of the plant and may lead to his death. Spend remove side shoots in cool weather, so plant better bear getting rid of unnecessary shoots.
Pepper likes to grow in close proximity to each other. Do not remove side shoots, if your plants are planted quite far apart. Because the remove side shoots - is a necessary procedure. Spend it only in emergency, if you really see that the plant needs it. For example, peppers are side branches that have no ovaries and flowers. If the stepchildren had not developed very much, then let them alone: they do not interfere, but rather contribute to the hydration of the soil under pepper.