Some gardeners recommend to transplant the crocuses approximately every five years, especially when talking about garden cultivation. But often these flowers are grown by Housewives and in pots at home, and it is important to create conditions as close to natural habitat plants. Crocus is a bulbous plant, with large bulbs every year buds kids who need time to seat, or they start to interfere with each other.
Do not be scared if suddenly you discovered that in the height of summer when other plants are pleasing greenery and color, crocuses suddenly begin to fade. As each of bulbous form they have a period of rest. The Crocus it occurs in approximately the middle of summer. In this condition the bulbs can be dug, to do the inspection, get rid of the damaged. After that, the bulbs are cleaned, dried for 5-7 days and placed in storage in a cool and dry place.
The bulbs of Crocus
Before planting, it is important to properly prepare the soil. For good growth and flowering is necessary to plant bulbs in loose, fertile soil. Manure well rotted manure is suitable, but in any case it is not fresh!
It is equally important to pay attention to drainage, this soil you can add coarse sand or fine gravel.
If you want to Krokus pleased you bloom in winter, for example on new year's holidays, the bulbs must be planted in the soil about the middle of September. At the same time pay attention to the fact that they do not touch each other in the pot. It is advisable to plant in one pot bulbs of the same size, so they bloom all together. In the case of planting crocuses in the open ground, in the spring, the plants are planted in September and for autumn in the early to mid-July.
Crocuses grow well and bloom in well-lit areas, so it is important to plant them in open, unshaded areas.
On average the time from landing to flowering time at home is 3.5 months.
When growing for home use bulbs of plants of open soil is necessary to maintain a certain temperature cycle storage and upsetting. To this end, during the first seven days after digging out the bulbs kept at a temperature to +30°C, then for two weeks at +20°C. then the temperature is lowered to +15°C, and after a few days the bulbs put in the fridge. Further planting in the soil now depends on what time you want to see on the window of the blooming Crocus. From landing to flower takes approximately 3.5 months.