Simple cocktails with Beer

The first is to master the recipe of the strawberry liqueur XuXu. Of course, it can be purchased in store, but quality drink infrequently and sold for a high price, so it is much easier and cheaper to do it yourself.

You'll need 750 ml of good vodka. Pour the drink into a large container – for example, in the pan. Then, whisk and blend 0.5 kg of strawberries, add to the resulting mass is 400 grams of sugar and a pinch of citric acid and mix thoroughly again. The resulting puree pass through a fine sieve and add the strawberry mixture in the vodka.

Then pour the beverage into bottles, put in a dark cool place and leave to infuse for 1.5-2 weeks. You can eat and drink immediately after preparing, but for best taste is still worth the wait.

On the basis of liquor try to prepare a simple ladies cocktail. Pour into the container 2 glasses of champagne, add 4 tbsp liqueur XuXu and 4-5 tbsp of fresh strawberries, mashed to a puree. Stir the drink, and the cocktail is ready.

There is another variation of the cocktail with champagne. Pour into a glass 10 ml lime juice and 50 ml liqueur XuXu. Then add 100 ml of champagne and with the help of special sticks stir drink. In the resulting cocktail will put 2-3 small ice cubes and the strawberries and the edge of the glass garnish with lime wedge.


Interesting recipes of cocktails with liqueur XuXu


If you want to try drink a little more complicated, try to prepare a strawberry Daiquiri. First pour in the shaker 0,5 tbsp rum, 4 tbsp. chocolate liqueur and 300 ml XuXu. Thoroughly mix the drink for 40-50 seconds. Then take a tall glass, flared up, and put on a spiral thick chocolate syrup. Pour into a glass of liquid from the shaker and top with 1 tbsp of chocolate liqueur to make a two layer drink. Put in a glass of strawberry and insert a straw through which to drink the cocktail, the strawberry Daiquiri is ready.

Another interesting option is the cocktail XuXuBana. Take a tall glass and pour in a 120 ml banana juice. Then using a bar spoon or knife add a liqueur XuXu so that it's not mixed with juice, and formed an additional layer. Initially to achieve the desired effect it will be very difficult, but after a few workouts you will learn to correctly add the liqueur. In the finished cocktail, place a strawberry to decorate.