The specificity of the system of remittances "Zolotaya Korona" is the lack of reference to a particular point of delivery of funds to the company. This greatly increases the convenience of this system for recipients of transfers who can choose the closest to the Department, which will receive the sent funds. When making a transfer from a sender does not require a particular division of the company is enough to tell the country and city where the recipient lives. Choose the nearest point for prompt receipt of the transfer through a special service that operates on the company's official website.

What is required to get the transfer?

To get the transfer in the system "Golden crown", the recipient will need a special transfer control number, which is sent to him via SMS text message. After receiving this message should check the status of the transfer and to visit with a passport nearest branch of the company. At the point of delivery of funds is necessary to inform the operator about the transfer of funds to a particular recipient to present a passport and dictate the transfer control number. After that the required amount will be paid in cash and the procedure is fully completed. It should be remembered that recipients of remittances in the system are not charged of the funds, all expenses are charged to the sender. However, the delay in receiving the money should not be, because the maximum period for storage at the point of issuance is sixty days, after which they may return only by applying to a Bank from which they were sent.

An alternative way to get cash

Money transfer system "Golden crown" allows citizens to receive money not only in cash in the office of the company, but also to the Bank card. However, to use this method will have to draw a card "Corn" payment system "MasterCard". The registration of this Bank product usually does not cause special complexities, it is enough to apply with a passport in any salon communication "Euroset". After completing the card, the sender can send the money to her, resulting in the recipient after receipt of the transfer is able to receive money at any ATM, pay for goods or services in cash.