Someone was jealous, unkind look, said something unpleasant – and you feel fatigue, everything goes wrong, there are problems with health. To protect from the evil eye amulets help. There are a huge number, so you can choose the one that is to your liking.

Amulets improvised

Protect against evil eye normal pin. For a stronger effect it spoke special prayers against the evil eye and spoilage. But you can do without them. A pin fastens to clothes with the inside, so it was not visible. Attach it at the level of the heart at a slight angle so the tip was directed from the heart. Each garment should have its own pin. Guardian can not be anyone to show or tell about it.

Protects from evil eyes and a small round mirror. It must be carried in the breast pocket reflective side out. From time to time that the mirror should be rinsed under running water to wash away the "trapped" negative.

In the souvenir shops and specialty shops you can find small figures of Fig. This mascot-scaring away" energy vampires and witches. It is possible to carry in a pocket or purse, attach as a keychain to your keys or hang in the car on the windshield.

Also in souvenir shops often sell amulets in the form of a small round glass eyes. It is believed that if worn on the mind, it will help to ward off negative energy person with "evil eye". Instead of eyes, you can use any bright or shiny object, for example, a brooch or necklace, tie or glasses. The main thing that the decoration was evident to others.

Pectoral cross for man of the Christian faith is also a strong talisman. It is important that it has been lit in the Church. Together with it well with you always carry a small icon of the Saint of your namesake. Cross with icon protect not only from bad ideas, but also protect from different dangers and troubles.

Quite often the evil eye is exposed to small children. To protect baby from the envious looks will help red ash. You need to pick a twig with berries and leaves and put it in the crib under the mattress.

Amulets with his own hands

To protect yourself and your family from the evil eye amulet can do. For example, from bottles or small jars. Take a glass bowl of red or color it with paint or varnish. Then throw in a few peas of black pepper, a few cloves of garlic to the top, pour all the salt. Close the jar or bottle with a tight lid. Now you need to seal it with wax of the red candle. You can put the candle on the lid and light. The wax will flow down and cover the neck of the container. Shake the bottle 9 times, thus think about what it is you will defend. Put the talisman in the Cabinet in the kitchen or in the hallway. A month later, the effect of the talisman will end. It will need to be buried in the ground. To make such a talisman should on the growing moon. And all the ingredients need to be purchased specifically for this purpose. At the same time to pay is necessary so that the seller did not give you change. Salt and other products that are in the bottle, can not be eaten, they should be discarded.

You can also sew a small pouch made of natural fabric and fill it with dry grasses. For example, mint, Hypericum, juniper, fennel, lavender, Rue. Best plants to collect and dry yourself. Bags you must carry with you or hang at home on the corners.

Another way to protect your home from people with bad thoughts – to put the threshold floor vase. Instead, you can use the umbrella stand. It is necessary to put 3-4 heads of garlic, a few sprigs red ash and thistles, a couple of ears of wheat, a bouquet of dried flowers, like lavender, tied with a red thread or ribbon.

In addition, during the meeting or conversation with people who you do not pleasant, hold onto a metal object. And after pozvenite keys, or knock on wood – it will help to rid you of negative energy.

It should be noted, makes one for himself impossible. Better if it will produce for you blood relatives. This amulet will have great power and not let the envious and unkind views to break you.