Purchase seeds in the shop or collect them from their plants. Seeds need time to Mature. Put lemon peppermint, to spread its fragrance in the tea. Menthol lovers will not regret that raised the Thuringian pepper variety. It is this flavor it will give.
To delight not only the taste but also the look, buy mint seeds fragrant. Its green leaves have a beautiful white edging. If you want the pastries smelled of Apple, pineapple and currant leaf at a time, buy seeds of Apple mint. This species is widely used in cooking. Field is the most unpretentious in cultivation, as this wild species.
Once you have decided on the variety, in mid-March start farming. The seeds of mint are very small, so it's best to plant their first seedlings. This is the perfect shallow plastic food containers. Fill them light earth, spill it, seal with his hand. Lay on the surface of the seeds. Sprinkle a small layer of soil (0.3 mm). Cover with a lid. Move containers in a warm place. Sometimes priotkryvaya briefly the lid for ventilation.
When the surface of the soil will be small seedlings, place the container to the window. At the height of 50 cm, hang the lamp. Turn it on in the morning and evening to provide a 12-hour light day.
Water the seedlings a little warm water from a spray bottle. In a month, let's put them less often, after a distance of 5x5 cm In mid-may to plant seedlings into the garden. Choose a cloudy day. Produce, in the second half. In the garden make the grooves, spill their water. Take out mint seedlings with a ball of soil and carefully put on the prepared place. The distance between plants 20x20 cm Place them in a checkerboard pattern.
Install over the ridge of a small arc, they throw have lutrasil. If such material is not, then your regular bed sheet to make a shade for the seedlings. When the seedlings take root, they will have new leaves, remove the cover.
In hot weather the evening watering plants. Sometimes loosen soil between them. If the seedling is pale green in color, grows poorly, then feed it with a solution of urea, by placing a tablespoon of this fertilizer in a bucket of water.
Prepare mint for future use. Cut it off before flowering, leaving a stump, 7 cm, tie in bunches, hang in the shade. If you want to get your seeds to sow this crop a great plantation, wait until they ripen and plant the seeds for the vegetable garden in July or next spring.