Who is an energy vampire?

Energy vampire is a person is able to deprive other people of their life force. For this he needs only to communicate with them. Energofinprom not explained by the laws of mutual energy exchange. People who are able to suck all the lifeblood from others, are divided into two groups: conscious and unconscious vampires vampires. The latter does not pose any danger to the universal scale, can not be said about conscious Energomash.

Acting as energy vampires?

When it comes to energy vampires, means their first type – conscious vampires. They are much more dangerous than unconsciously. The behavior of such people is this: they purposefully suck other people of their life energy, their moral basis, sharing with them solid conflictogenes. Because energy vampire totally and completely overwhelmed with negativity and aggression towards society. Interestingly, in the field of Internet such people are called trolls.

Such vampires of any "flies" doing "the elephant", spoiling the mood of its victims, making them lethargic, tired, joyless. After another scandal perpetrated by a vampire, his victims feel in your soul, spiritual emptiness and moral depletion. In the home to meet the energy vampire is easy enough: they can be in public transport, at work, to live in the neighborhood, etc. apparently these people, of course, are no different from others, but the harm they cause society, has a specific tone.

The principle that live energy vampires, is quite simple: they use the transition of vital energy from his victims to her loved ones. Due to the energy exchange that occurs when direct contact with his victim, the vampire recovers his own spiritual reserves. It happens because of human vital energy is able to flow and mutate. Even the most ardent optimist, talking to an energy vampire can turn into a hopeless pessimist.

The behavior of conscious energy vampires cannot be described as chaotic and emotional. Of course, it's quite emotional, and sometimes even unstable people, but in communication with others, they follow a subtle psychological edge. In particular, with their victims, they prefer to retire, violating their personal space. Any conscious Energomash specifically to translate the conversation on the victim, as this will give rise to strong emotions from her side, and, therefore, a powerful energy flow.