No fuss. Excessive haste creates a nervous situation. If you worry about every little thing, life will seem like one big tangle of problems. Calm down and act systematically. At the same time only do one thing. You should not be too hurry. Focus on quality and do not think that you can not meet deadlines.
Treat past experiences correctly. Some people because of the mistakes that took place some time ago, begin to play it safe and afraid to live. You need to analyze the situation and make appropriate conclusions. Think about what you did wrong and adjust their behavior for the future. This will give you the confidence that you will not make similar mistake twice.
Be confident in your abilities. Think about their victories and strengths of his character. Don't forget about what you have achieved. Let your achievements and positive traits will be the Foundation of your self-esteem. Next you need to love yourself and accept who you are. Concentrate on your advantages and forget the disadvantages. This attitude will give you confidence in today and tomorrow.
Maybe you have a tendency to worry over events that hypothetically may occur in your life. If you are afraid of the possibility of negative outcomes, need to work on yourself. Understand that your feelings are useless. If something bad happen, you think, how to act. If all goes well, especially since there is no need to worry about that.
Do not be afraid of changes in life. If you are afraid of everything new, think that without change we cannot progress. It is an integral part of your life. In order not to overreact to the changes, take care of your development. If you are used to constantly improve yourself, learn something, gain new skills, you will no longer be scare to move forward.
If you are afraid the possibility of committing some error, you just need to relax and allow yourself to sometimes do something wrong. Accept that you are imperfect. What about you think or say around, easier. Understand that other people have plenty of their own problems and Affairs. They physically do not have time to constantly wash you pits. So do not be afraid to act.
Perhaps you're afraid of the distant future. For example, you can't see yourself successful, happy and healthy person in a few decades, and you is very disturbing. In this case, you need to deal with the situation. If you think that your profession will soon be no demand, and you will be without work is to develop a second specialty and calm down. To not be afraid of loneliness, need to work on relationships, build a personal life, surround yourself with good friends and acquaintances. Think of your fear as a stimulus to action.