Offer baby a pacifier can be from 2-3 months of age, at this moment innate suckling reflexes begin to appear especially bright. If the mother decided to go to work or purely physiologically able to feed the baby her milk, ordinary nipple may become a necessary substitute for the breast. There are other situations when the mother has to leave home for a long time, for example, the need to go to the hospital or a long time to leave.
It is believed that children born before the due date, the nipple helps to develop sucking reflexes, in this case, the training of the baby takes place on a specially developed techniques under the strict supervision of experts.
Feeding regime can also be accompanied using a pacifier, it will help to alleviate the gaps between eating, will be replaced by baby toys, diapers and a hand, which the child will inevitably try to satisfy their natural reflexes.
Experts recommend not to abuse the use of the dummy and to use it only in special cases. It is not necessary to impose on the child a pacifier, if he refuses it, cranky, spits. To abandon the habit of sucking pacifier should as early as possible: from the age of 6 months to two years sucking reflexes gradually fade away and be reduced to nothing, thus the need to use dummy disappears, the nipple becomes absolutely useless.
Already three or four months of age, parents should try to do without the nipple, remove it while awake, try not to use when the baby is in a good mood, to be replaced by more interesting Hobbies and games.
If dummy was used exclusively before bed as a "sedative" that can take the edge off a full day, with time it must be replaced by books, stories and other rituals that will allow the child to fall asleep.