Define for yourself what you want to delete all the history of visits to sites or only some the Internet portals from the list, since the partial removal of the positions they will take the place of the previous sites from the list. Saves the last 200 addresses.
Open the browser menu Opera. Go to settings configuration, select "Delete personal data". In the dialog box, open the drop-down menu of the detailed settings, which is minimized to select the types of data that you want to delete.
Select to Delete the history of visited pages" in the dialog box that appears. To start the procedure, click "OK". Then list drop-down menu will be empty and it will be filled automatically, unless you change the mode in system settings.
If you are unable to delete sites from the list the previous way or you just want to use a different method of cleaning my browsing history, then open Settings from the main menu of the browser. Select the first item from the top is "General settings". Can also use CTRL + F12 to skip the previous steps. The menu configuration settings you will see an additional tab "Advanced", where there will be a list of partitions. Click "History"click the "Clear" button, after which the list will be removed completely.
Configure in this section the options menu to further capture information about visits to pages: you can specify a certain number of sites that are stored in memory, and can and does deny to save history. Keep in mind that the purpose of this list is for your convenience, so if you disable the record function of history, please keep your visit and you are interested in resources in the browser's bookmarks.