The plot

The plot of the series tells about the life of a lonely children's father, working as a psychotherapist in a small private clinic, — Sergey Vasnetsov and his five beloved daughters. They all live in the apartment, where the main events of the film. But, unlike normal sisters, these are quite similar to each other.
The script of the series was written by Vyacheslav Murugova and Alexander Rodnyansky.

The highest — Dasha was originally a goth. Later it changed its position, but not a "steel" character.

The second — wave, the main beauty in this family that just can't live without makeup and the latest clothes from the trendiest brands. Masha always full of fans. Its preferences, unlike Dasha, has not changed throughout the series.

Middle daughter marrying - a football player. With his unbending character it is more like a boy than a girl.

The smartest of five daughters — Galya, a girl who does not differ special beauty and does not attach importance to appearance. But she knows everything and is learning.

And the younger Pauline. Father and sisters always called her Button because of the fact that it is the smallest in the family, but it is not the least bit embarrassed.

Whatever children Vasnetsov, he supports them and understands.
The painting was created in the family and youth genre.

About the show

The series has gained such popularity that its authors decided to do a sequel. The characters became bigger, there are new characters, but it does not affect the beautiful story, which only added to the new faces.

Shooting the 20th season called "Daddy's girls. Supernovasky" ended in 2012. The season was not logically complete, and the last series ended with a caption "to be Continued...". However, in 2013, the management of STS has officially announced the closure of the project. According to General Director of the channel and the producer of "Daddy's daughters" Vyacheslav murugova, all the best of the project has already received its logical continuation. In its way a logical continuation of this series, "Voronin" was the show "Last of Magician".

In 2014, responding to a question about whether he will act in the sequel, starring Andrey Leonov (playing the Pope) said: "No, it's over, and thank God!".

In addition, since 2008 Vyacheslav Murugov has repeatedly announced plans of creating a feature film based on "Daddy's daughters". It was reported even on the beginning of work on the script. But the shooting was not started, and later the Director of the channel hinted that the film will not go.