You will need
  • program Adobe Photoshop.
However, if you repeat a set of actions from photograph to photograph, it is possible to combine this algorithm in the so-called "action" and add to menu. Launch Adobe Photoshop using the shortcut in the start menu. Locate the menu item Window, and partition Actions, which opens a window of available programs actions. To create a new action, click Create New Action.
Opens the options window of the new element. Give actionhave a clear title, so that later you can easily name one could realize that performs this algorithm. After pressing the Record button, the program will start the process of drafting a new algorithm of action. If you have Adobe Photoshop software interface, the menu name and the command edit will be displayed by other names.
Follow a group of operations that should be included in the new action. You can stop recording by clicking on the appropriate button, and then re-start the process. After stop recording and edit the new action in the dialog (if necessary).
To start a new action, go to the list of operations (Actions) and select the desired algorithm. After clicking on the play button, all required operations are performed automatically. Action can also be run for a whole list of photos. To do this, on the File menu, find Automate, then Batch, then specify the desired settings in the options dialog. Select the appropriate action and start the treatment by pressing the Yes button. In General we can say that start a certain action in Adobe Photoshop is not difficult, important to know the basics of working in the software package and be able to navigate in teams.