In the North of Moscow Khovrino in for decades is an unfinished building that looks like a Ghost ship. It still instills fear in the residents of the Moscow region, because it has long has a bad reputation. This building is unfinished hospital. Its construction began in 1980-m to year, but never finished. The people, this nedostroyka got the name of the Hovrinskaya an abandoned hospital and is among the ten most terrible places in the world! They Hovrinsky the nedostroyka: the house of horror, cradle of fear, and even the citadel of darkness.
According to urban legend, the construction of the hospital began on the bones, i.e. in the place where once was the old abandoned cemetery. Many people believe that this explains all the failures that accompanied the construction process. The old-timers do tell us, what used to be the place Hovrinskaya abandoned hospital was a large marshy swamp. This is evidenced by the fact that currently the Foundation nedostroyki lower and lower in groundwater. The construction of this architectural construction was suspended in 1985-m to year. Since that time, as the last Builder left the territory of the building, hovrinskaya hospital lives its own life full of secrets and tragedies.
The legend of the Hovrinskaya hospital says that many people went missing on its territory or within its walls, some were found killed or mutilated. In addition, the walls of this strange nedostroyki still have their rituals of different sects. Muscovites generally called this building "Umbrellas", and not without reason! The fact is that from the height of bird flight hovrinskaya nedostroyka very similar to world logo biohazard and secret Corporation from the famous film "Resident evil". Sorry, currently Hovrinsky abandoned hospital is one of the favorite places for drug addicts, suicides, pedophiles and rapists.
Another Russian legend is associated with the Ghost train and, like the first, is town. According to the legend, every month in the Moscow metro at breakneck speed on rails rushes a strange Ghost trains. According to witnesses, he sometimes makes a stop and opens the doors of their cars. People claimed to have seen in the subway train-a sign, convinced that his cabin is clearly visible silhouette of the driver, dressed in a construction form of the pre-war time, and all other cars of this strange train filled with the souls of the builders.
To understand the meaning of this legend, we must remember how to build the Moscow metro. Its construction began in the 40-ies of the last century. Old-timers say that it was exhausting and hard work for all persons involved in the construction of the circle line. The fact that most of the builders were the real prisoners convicted of certain crimes of a political or criminal nature.
Moreover the construction of the metro was marked by bloody events, this time at the site of the alleged killing many workers. The fact that from time to time they had struck the unstable structure, and some people actually drove into the ventilation shafts and buried without investigation and trial. After some time, the price of many casualties "bloody" metro is still completed. In this regard, and there was a legend about the Russian Ghost train. Still people complain that sometimes the phantom rusty trains supposedly scares them. Eyewitnesses say that the train appears always after midnight and only on the Ring line.