Foreign citizens entering in Russia are frequently victims of fraud, because agree to the proposals about the purchase of counterfeit migratory cards. These documents are easy to falsify, and to determine their authenticity in the process of visual inspection is almost impossible. However, the real migration card always have unique details (series and number) that are stored in the database of the Federal migration service. According to these details it is possible to verify the authenticity of such documents. There are two ways of verification: reference (using the special service) and the formal (relates to the need to appeal to the Russian Federal migration service subdivision).

How to authenticate a migration card remotely?

The most simple and expeditious method of authentication of the migration card is to visit the official website of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation. This site is maintained by the operation of a number of information services, one of which gives an opportunity to compare the details received by the foreigner of the document to the database. To check just go to the section "Information services" from the main page of this public authority, to open and to fill out a form (you will need the serial number of the migration card). The information obtained as a result of using this method is a reference about what users are warned in advance, however in most cases the information is correct.

How to officially verify the authenticity of the immigration cards?

More challenging is obtaining the official information about the authenticity of the immigration cards. This will require contacting the nearest division of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation with the appropriate application. The foreign employees avoid the use of this method because they fear prosecution for being in Russia without the presence of legal grounds. However, in this case, the applicant is guaranteed to receive an official and unequivocal answer about the authenticity of the immigration cards. The alternative is a phone call to the FMS specific region of the country, however, this method also does not guarantee a clear answer since the information will be exclusively for reference purposes and in anonymous message to provide such information may be denied.