Today, credit history checks, every major Bank. Even if the loan is issued without income verification and in the shortest time, it does not mean that there is a quick check of the borrower. Thus, banks provide themselves with protection from fraud and defaults on loans. It is worth noting that no Bank reveals his secrets on the process of verification of borrowers, therefore, clearly indicate on the Bank, not checking credit history is impossible.
There are a number of banks, which are more loyal customers with bad credit history and is ready to grant them loan. But this does not mean that they are not verified by the financial past of the borrower. Just these banks set higher interest rates on loans to such customers. Among loyal to borrowers with bad credit history banks may be noted Tinkoff, home Credit Finance Bank, "Russian Standard, Moscow credit Bank", "vanguard", the Bank. These banks overpayments on loans much higher than major financial institutions. Thus, for unscrupulous clients here pay responsible borrowers.
Perhaps credit history today not only check a small regional banks, as well as young credit institution. They carried out an aggressive policy to expand credit portfolio and entry into new regions of presence. Therefore, they resort to attract borrowers of high risk. Indirectly what banks are less carefully analyze their customers on the basis of dynamics of growth of loan portfolio.
Note that each Bank has their own idea about what kind of credit history to be classified as bad. For most of the day delay is not grounds for rejection of credit. Some do not take into account the delay up to a month. Of course, definitely can be called bad credit history of the borrower, which is in the hands of outstanding credit.
If all banks the client with bad credit history are denied, you can apply to a microfinance organization. They check the credit record are not engaged. So getting the loan is very real. But there is a significant minus - the loans are issued at much higher interest than the banks. Interest rate of them sometimes exceeding 700% APR.