You will need
  • - one tablet of activated charcoal
  • - one teaspoon gelatine
  • two teaspoons of milk
  • - stiff flat brush
Well for starters, you need to crush the pill activated charcoal powder, then mix this powder with the gelatin. Then add the room temperature milk, mix thoroughly and heated in a water bath to completely dissolve the ingredients and obtain a homogeneous mass. You can also use the microwave - put it in the mask for exactly 15 seconds.
Before applying the mask, it is necessary to cool to room temperature. Apply the mask with a hard brush on problem areas, avoiding the eye area. If the skin is not greasy, and, for example, combined, will be sufficient to put the mask on the nose and chin - those areas of the pores which are most widely affected by pollution. Mask is applied in one direction - from top to bottom. Keep the mask on your face until dry (10-15 minutes). To remove the mask entirely trying.
After the mask is applied to the skin moisturizer to avoid dryness and enjoy the effect!