Daily skin is exposed to the environment, so cleaning is a must to those who want to keep it healthy and young. The first is to determine what method you need to clean your face. The procedure can be performed both in the home and in the office of a cosmetologist.

Today, there are many ways of cleaning the face, it is only necessary to find the best option in accordance with the type of your skin.

Cleansing of the face using masks are not only the most convenient and simple method of cleaning, but very effective. They are widely known as the home remedies cleansing the face. Typically, these masks from natural ingredients, and therefore the possible occurrence of allergic reactions are completely eliminated.

Facial cleansing can be carried out and peeling. Peels are divided into mechanical and hardware. Mechanical peeling is a massage with cleansing agents that dissolve and remove dead cells. One of the simplest methods of instrumental peeling is brossazh. It is applied using a special rotating brushes to simultaneously massage and clean skin on the face. Clean the face by using vacuum peeling. It has its positive and negative sides. Vacuum nozzle, suction to the skin, cleans pores of excess sebum and impurities, thereby providing an excellent lymphatic drainage effect, improves tone of the face. Vacuum facial cleansing less painful than mechanical. To achieve a more effective result it is better to use in combination with brossazh and mechanical peeling, as well as during common procedures that support the skin tone.

Facial cleansing with ultrasound is characterized by its painlessness. The skin is treated with special contact medium, which in the course of action of ultrasound starts to boil, otshelushivaet dead cells of the upper skin layer. This is cell renewal and smoothing of wrinkles, without causing redness. One session cleansing in a month is enough to give the skin more smooth and healthy appearance.

The positive side of cleansing the skin is that the new cells are more susceptible to the action of various masks and creams, so increases the effect of their use.