You will need
  • - the pension certificate;
  • help 2-personal income tax (certificate form the Bank);
  • - information on pension amount.
It is possible to allocate two groups of loans are loans of working and non-working pensioners. In the first case, the loan procedure will not differ from a standard loan. The borrower will need to provide the Bank with proof of income. The only thing limiting pensioners in receipt of long-term loans (e.g., mortgage for 20 years). Banks set limits on the age of the borrower at the time of completion of payments. In most cases he is 65-70 years.
But some banks appreciate the reliability and high financial discipline seniors, so they can get credit for those borrowers who have no other source of income except pension. In most banks when issuing credit, the pensioner requires the involvement of guarantors. They guarantee that all financial obligations of the pensioner will be performed, even if the borrower can no longer pay the loan.
A leader in lending to pensioners is Sberbank. It is here that receive pensions, the majority of Russian pensioners. The basic conditions for granting loans pensioners - savings Bank account for transfer of pensions, as well as the involvement of at least one guarantor. The loan is granted, provided that the pensioner must repay to 75 years. Interest rates range from 16 to 25 per year, depending on the loan period. The maximum amount is 3 million rubles.
In Sovcombank offer loans for pensioners up to the age of 85 years, which is some kind of record. The maximum amount of loan is 250 thousand. It is issued only if the income of the pensioner will allow to make monthly mortgage payments. The loan rate is high enough - from 28% a year, but support in the form of pledge or collateral security is not required. Pensioners aged over 75 years are also invited to execute the contract of personal insurance.
The Bank Eurocommerce has a special program for clients of the Bank, which has received the name "the pensioner". It allows you to take a loan for up to 38 months and is worth up to 550 thousand rubles, the Maximum age for the borrower is installed in 81. Starting bid, which is subject to obtaining life insurance is 25.5%.
Quite favorable conditions differs a loan "Pension" from Russian agricultural Bank. Rate on it is 15% and loan period up to 5 years. A loan available to seniors aged 75 years and can take up to 500 thousand. However, to obtain reduced interest rates is necessary to provide security, to provide a surety, and also to insure his life.