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  • calendar Ukraine.
In Ukraine, the names of the months differ significantly from those that exist in the Russian language. Some titles due to natural phenomena, a certain human activity or weather for that time of year. For example, the month "February" which corresponds to the Russian Feb, got its name because of the severe frosts. Month "Listopad" is so called because at this time fall off of the trees foliage. The color of autumn leaves and obliged the month "October".
Ukraine the names of some months were inherited from the Slavs. Therefore, some similar months can also be found in Belarusian, Polish, Czech, Croatian and other Slavic languages group. In Russia, however the names of the months are of Latin origin.
Below are the names of Ukrainian months in the original spelling depending on the time of year, and their compliance with the Russian. Please note that when writing the months of the Ukrainian letter "e", "I" and "and" in Russian transcription are read respectively as "a," "and" and "s".
The winter months are called like this: December - "December" January "January"; February - "February". The spring months are written as follows: March - "March"; April - "April"; may - "Traven".
The summer months are title: June "June" July "July"; August - "August". The autumn months in the Ukrainian language are translated as follows: September - "September" October"October"; November - "the fall".
Ukrainian months have the same number of days (30 or 31), as well as Russian. There is in Ukraine and the rule for leap years, when every 4 years February 29 is added to the number.
When writing Ukrainian names of months should be aware of the rules of their declination. Months ending in-EN, along with the date are written with ending-nya. In this case, the letter "e" on the end of a word is not written. For example, the date July 3 the Ukrainian language will sound like on July 3. If you want to write the name of this month in the context of guidance in any event, should be put at the end of "I". For example, the phrase "in August," the Ukrainian language translates as "SERPs".