So you want to make your every day a productive one. You have a lot to do and plans that do not fit in your head. Not to be confused in their objectives, write multiple lists. On one sheet of paper, write down what you plan to do for a month, the second week, and the third in one day. Every day write down things you want to do tomorrow. So you will see what is most important to you, and what can be done in a few days.
In order to do that outlined the next day, you need time to get up. Train your body to get up not later than 7-8 am. Think that can get done during the day, the man who wakes up closer to lunch. Go to bed on time in the morning to be fit and healthy.
If you are just looking for a job, try to get closer to home, not to spend a few hours a day on travelling. If you live in a big city, you will have daily traffic jams.
Buy products for the whole week. If you only buy one every 7 days, you will save a lot of time. Think how much time it takes, if you go to the store every day, to choose all necessary, checking on each product the date of manufacture, and then still to stand in line.
Never deviate from the plan. Achieve your goals. Do not transfer for the next day, just because you wanted to watch an interesting movie or to meet friends.
Don't waste time on lengthy phone conversations. Instead, get some rest. You have to choose the time to rest, to regain strength. It can be one hour at lunch time. But be careful that your little vacation turned into a day off in the middle of the working week.
Please note on your Desk. Keep him always in order. You should know where that is. So you won't spend extra time looking for the necessary items or documents.
The same applies to your home. There should also be clear. Try not to throw things, and to put everything in its place. Discipline yourself to clean out a bit every day, then you do not waste too much time on cleaning.
If you have children, teach them to clean their room. They may be able to pick up your toys and make crib. To do more with the division of responsibilities between your loved ones. Discipline yourself to a schedule and self-discipline, then you will have time not only for work but also for recreation at weekends.