You will need
  • Computer;
  • disk;
  • program Nero.
One of the programs with which you can create image of the diskcalled Nero. Although some users Nero is known mainly as a program for recording information on the disks. If it is you have not installed, you must download and install.
Insert the disk that will be imaged in the optical withwater computer. Start the program called Nero Burning ROM. Left in the window that appears, select the component called CD Copy.
Then go to the tab "copy Options". In this window, select "tape", then under "Source" select your optic inwater. You also need to set the read speed. By default it is set as the maximum. But it's best to set the average reading speed-16 or 18x. This will eliminate possible errors in the image capture process.
Go to the tab "Image". Click the "Browse" button under "image File". Now specify the folder in which to save the image after creating it. Clear the checkbox "Delete image file after copy".
Next go to the tab "read Options". There is a section "profile Selection", which is also close to the arrow. Click on it and select the type of disk. Specify the type of diskthat will be created. Then from the bottom of the window, click "Copy". A few seconds will start the process of creating the image disk. Wait until this process is complete. Its duration depends on the speed of reading, and the volume of the discfrom which it's created.
After the operation is complete, a dialog box appears in which the details will be published. Go into the folder you chose to store the image. A virtual image of the disk will be located in this folder. If necessary, it can be written to the disc using Nero.