You will need
  • - passport;
  • help 2-NDFL or the inquiry under the form of the Bank;
  • - copy of labor book or labor contract;
  • - documents on the collateral;
  • - other documents.
VTB24 offers four types of consumer credit - cash loan, ineligible mortgage, education and refinancing. According to the program of classical cash loans you can get up to 1 million rubles for up to 7 years. Interest rate is 20% per year. The borrower will need a Russian passport with registration in the location of the office of VTB24; documents confirming the sufficiency of income to repay the loan (reference 2-NDFL or Bank's form); the documents confirming permanent employment and the seniority on last place from 6 months (when the amount of the credit from 300 thousand rubles).
If you require a large amount of cash, it can be obtained by taking out a loan under the pledge of available real estate. The maximum amount of loan reaches 75 million rubles for a period up to 20 years. But the size of the loan will not exceed 60-70% of the value of mortgaged property. Money the borrower can spend at their discretion. In addition to the standard package of documents. confirming income and employment, you will need to submit the documents to the collateral. It copies of documents of title, cadastral passport, an extract from the house register, a statement of the financing account. If the apartment registered minors, it is necessary to obtain the guardianship permission for alienation of the property.
Those who want to get business education in SKOLKOVO's MBA and EMBA can take a loan in the amount of 3.6 million rubles with interest rates from 13% to 16%. Collateral for such loan is not required. Will need to confirm your work experience for at least a year (for EMBA - at least 3 years), size of income for the last six months, and also the documents confirming target use of credit funds. The latter include a letter from the "SKOLKOVO" on the admission of students; the expense for tuition; and proof of payment of the first installment.
To refinance existing loans the borrower must have income from 10 thousand rubles, and do not have delinquencies. He'll need a third-party credit agreement the Bank and the payment schedule, as well as a passport and proof of income.
VTB24 has four credit program - "Avtostandart", "Commercial transport", "Avtolayt and AutoExpress". It is possible to buy the buy a new or used car of foreign or new domestic and commercial vehicles. Programs differ in terms of credit and the speed of the application. The program "Avtolayt and AutoExpress" it is possible to arrange a loan on two documents (passport and additional at the borrower's option), proof of income is required. In the latter case, it is possible to obtain the credit without registration of the hull. "Avtostandart" and "Commercial vehicles" provide full package of documents, but provide an opportunity to get a loan with a reduced rate of 14% (20% for commercial vehicles).
VTB24 is the possibility of obtaining a mortgage on two documents - passport, driving license or pension card (initial payment must be at least 35%). But it will have to pay higher interest rates (+0.6 PP). For reducing the rate you must provide proof of sufficient income and employment contract. The apartment, which is issued in the mortgage, becomes a lien on the entire loan term. Sometimes the Bank requests additional collateral in the form of guarantee or collateral (subject to the mortgage on an apartment in a newly built house).