You will need
  • - small to plot;
  • - furniture for group;
  • toys;
  • - plywood;
  • - cardboard;
  • - colors.
  • tape;
  • - joiner's tools.
Kindergarten starts with a plot. It is important that the area does not only meet safety standards, but was beautiful and well maintained and contained all that you need baby for proper development. The area should be fenced. The garden should be a Playground and area where the kids see the life of plants. The main equipment is purchased centrally, but about the design of flower gardens and pleasure grounds should reflect the teacher. Great idea for flower beds – various pots from tires. Of course, they have to be painted, and the paint should be chosen especially carefully. Vases can make even an old Shoe. This version of the design is usually happy kids. In flower beds you can put different plastic animals. Of course, toys should be left at the site only if the garden is well protected.
It is especially important for group room. In the most common gardens it is a group children play, study and eat. The room needs to be divided into zones for active games, quiet recreation, for painting and manual labor, the wildlife area, etc. Gone are the days when the walls in the group painted in a dull gray or yellowish color. Of course, now it is better to prefer quiet tone, but it is possible, for example, to indicate different colors. In the area of wildlife you can make a wall painting with a landscape or to hang a large panel of natural material. To do it, by the way, can be together with children.
In the book corner, kids can wait favorite fairytale hero, again drawn on the wall. In the area of manual labor do a mini-exhibition. Drawings and works made in the technique of an application that can be placed on a piece of canvas in length from floor to ceiling. Fit and strung from top to bottom colored tape. Storage of materials you can think of the organizers in the form of multiple cells colored boxes, but it could be a spectacular panel from scraps of thick fabric.
Equipment in the athletic area must meet the standards, safety requirements and the program for running the garden. But the Swedish wall is better to paint in bright, cheerful colors, and a stand for hoops the figures of fairy-tale character. To make such a stand from thick plywood.
Pay special attention to the selection of furniture. It is, of course, should match the growth of children and have appropriate marking. But now it is not forbidden to put in a corner of quiet rest, for example, a small sofa or chair. Next can stand large plants like ficus or palm trees. Manufacturers now offer different options of modular furniture for children's institutions. This is not only convenient because it allows you to change the interior depending on the activity, but also beautiful.
Puppet area – an important part of the group. It needs to be age appropriate. Looks good large carved wood furnishings in the younger group. For older children you can buy not only furniture, but also a toy kitchen equipment like stove, refrigerator and microwave.
Make sure that the group was not too colorful. Select two or three basic colors for walls and furniture. Curtains and carpets select based in what tone painted large objects. At the same time, the child should not experience color fasting, he, being in a group not only plays but also learns colors. So a few shades of each color would be quite appropriate.
Take a few didactic panels. They can be placed on the shields covering the battery. For kids this panel is a picture, which elements are fastened to different types of fasteners. For older preschoolers it can be a panel, consisting, e.g., of geometric shapes, numbers, letters. The child will learn to be examples or words, and the sheer panels is a great decoration for the group.