Advice 1: What the book is about "the adventures of electronics"?

Eugene Veltistova wrote a fantastic tetralogy "the adventures of electronics", which has become a favorite of many generations. This is the anthem of Cybernetics, its limitless possibilities.
What the book is about "the adventures of electronics"?
Eugene Veltistova was famous for his tetralogy about Electronics. It includes the book "Elektronik - the boy from the suitcase" (1964), "ressi - elusive friend" (1971), "the winner of the impossible" ( 1975), "the New adventures of electronics" (1989).

Brief contents

The heroes of the book - the seventh graders and then eighth graders seventies, which occur with wonderful cybernetic boy, created by Professor Gromov. Accidentally saw in a magazine a photo of Sergei Syroezhkin, Gromov decides to give his creation the appearance of this mischievous boy.

It so happened that Sergei and Electronics was found. It is built on the plot of the book. A dream come true syroezhkina. Cybernetic DoppelgangeR began to walk him to school, hitting teachers and classmates with his extraordinary abilities. Electronics have made a lot of friends, he began to like the girl, Maya, and Syroezhkin realized how sad it is when your place is occupied. He finds the courage to tell the truth.
Friendship electronics and syroezhkina gave the heroes what they had: Syroezhkin realized how important it is to make yourself, and Elektronik gained the ability to experience emotions.

In the story "ressi - elusive friend" Elektronik creates a cybernetic dog, which becomes a helper in the struggle with negative character background Circle that kills rare animals, making them thieves. Syroezhkina again confusing with Electronics. His assistant abducts the background of the Circle Mick urry to understand how Professor Gromov managed to create a robot endowed with human emotions. But friends with ressi punish the villain.

In the third part, called "the Winner is impossible," the heroes who are eighth graders and make discoveries that are not under the power of the scientists. They quarrel, reconciled, like normal children, but science fascinates them the most.

In the fourth part of "the New adventures of electronics" Gromov constructs a girl robot Alechko. The events of the story unfold in the camp, where Elvira, communicating with children, becoming similar to a person. Her care about the issues that are important to adolescents. She asks electronics what love is and is looking for the answer to this difficult question.
Electronics and Elvira at the end of the book become people.

The fate of the tetralogy Veltistova

Eugene Veltistova after the success of the book created the script of the film "the adventures of electronics", which they watch modern children. Electronics they know the movie, not the book.

Advice 2 : How to understand that it is your destiny

People meet, people fall in love, people... don't always get married. Because to connect the life I want with someone who is destined by fate itself, and not with those who are in it bystanders. But how not to make a mistake in a decent choice for someone special? Is it possible that a former classmate with whom you sat at the same Desk all ten classes, and met by chance several years after graduation — is your destiny? Maybe you should look at the colleague who has on several occasions invited you to dinner?
How to understand that it is your destiny
Note the appearance of the applicant for the role of your betrothed. The man does not have to dress in the latest fashion, but his appearance should be harmonious and you.
Watch his manners: it is not necessary to demand from men a knowledge of Royal etiquette, but common courtesy in a conversation, the ability to open the door before the woman and to give her a hand, helping to get down the stairs, is a good sign.
Assess the willingness and ability to take care of you. If the person on the first call asking for assistance puts everything and, no matter where he was, hurtling towards you, it allows you to make the assumption that you will always feel protected.
Look at how he behaves with children. Revealing, whether he is shy kids, like leprosy, is trying if possible to avoid contact with them, even if in the house where you are invited to visit, full of kids. Or calmly to child tinkering around with interest, watching the kids and can even join in their game. The second option, of course, more preferable for the person with whom you are going to build your future home.
Listen as he talks about his mother. If you calmly and respectfully about her comments, without expressing to you once again their enthusiasm about some of her skills and achievements, for example, in cooking or crafts, parenting or work, then you held a grown man without complexes, in fact, the one. But if a man is just the thing for any occasion likes to insert: "But my mom..." with a list of all its accompanying advantages, then run from him without looking back, because you still will never be in his life more important than his parent.
Rate it an opportunity to provide you with a normal life. We are not talking about huge Bank accounts, and the ability and, most importantly, the desire of men to work for the good of his family.
Listen now to my heart. Even if all the above indicators male can claim on your hand, but the heart is silent, it is not necessary to take hasty decisions...
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