For gray-green eyes will suit a variety of colors both warm and cool colors. It all depends on the tone of the iris, color of the skin and hair. The warm glow in the eyes to maintain a soft mossy green, beige or chocolate shades. Cold steel will show the shadow of a silvery or bluish hue.
As a General rule - with a darker eye shade look more beautiful bright iridescent shade. Transparent grayish-green eyes look great framed by the dark tones with velvety textures.
Stylish option sea blue, entered the fashion this season. Shades of Aqua color can draw eyes instead of eyeliner or paint their upper eyelids alone. In this frame, the eyes will appear clear as river water. To emphasize the effect will help lengthening mascara black or dark brown.
Gray-green eyes and a beautiful framed shadow in pearly tones. Choose a shimmering, translucent color, shadows-chameleon playing different colors. Very effective, for example, the shadow color of a butterfly wing or the back of a beetle, shimmering emerald, Burgundy, brown and Golden hues.
You can use a pastel shade of blue, mint green, lemon and lavender tones. Choose pure colors and do not seek to repeat the hue of the iris. Try combining two contrasting pale colors in one makeup. For example, all the upper eyelid cover the soft gray shadows, and the inner corner of the eye and lower eyelid, highlight blue.
Another trendy makeup smoky eyes. Apply around eye shadow graphite grey tones and carefully RUB them applicator and brush. Under the eyebrow you can put more highlight bright pearl shadows. For emphasis, move the inner part of the eyelids black or dark gray with a waterproof marker.
If you prefer a cream shadow, make a fashionable mono-makeover in a trendy taupe color. Paint over shadows all the upper eyelid and the applicator gently RUB the border, so they were softer, but kept the clarity. Lower eyelid bring the same color or emphasize it with the shadows of bronze color.
For evening, pick up the shade with shimmer - they will make it a more visible and ignite in the eyes of the future. Warm green shade will suit Golden sequins, cool grey / green / silver or pearl.
Fluorescent matte shadows are easy to turn into a glittering evening. Cover eyelids with cream or gel shadows base shade, for example, pearl grey. On top of the flat brush, apply dry silver glitter. Eyelashes emphasize coal-black ink. This makeup will add a pale gray-green eyes sparkle and make them mysterious and alluring.