You will need
  • Software Microsoft Excel.
The very first and the main reason for the large volume of the table is shared. What does it mean? For example, office computers United by one network, there is a table that is used by all users of the network. The program itself assigns the filefrom multiple users and provides information about how much and by whom was the document changed. Not hard to imagine that when the number of users in excess of 2-3 people, size of fileand is getting huge.
For versions of MS Excel 2003 and older you need to click the top menu "Tools" and select "share workbook". For versions, the 2007 and younger must in the main program window go to the tab "Review" and select "share workbook". In the opened window, in both cases, go to the tab "Details".
Check the box next to "do Not keep history of changes", and save the open table. Now you need to set the number of days during which the log will be stored. Opposite this option, you will see the figure of 30, but can be done much less.
You can then remove rows and columns that you do not use. How do you know? Go to the table and press Ctrl + End. The cursor in the document will automatically move to the last cell of your table. Look above and to the right of this cell you the unused rows and columns. If so, select them and delete, thereby reducing the total number of cells.
It is also recommended to get rid of the formatting you don't use often. Color white stakes in the transparent cell is the best replacement for "No fill." For offline disable formatting of cells select them, then click the top menu "edit", select "Clear", command "Format" (Excel 2003) or open the Home tab, choose block "Clear", "Clear formats".