Description of the plot

In the TV series "Gossip girl" describes the life of young Americans from the elite district of new York. They attend a prestigious school, I'm often quarrel, addicted to drugs, occasionally jealous of each other, fall in love, hate – in short, live a typical modern life of wealthy teenagers. Their daily life, describes in his blog the mysterious "Gossip girl", revealing the secrets of the characters in its pages. However, neither the characters themselves nor the viewers don't know the name of the hero...

The voice of the invisible gossip girl gave popular American actress Kristen bell, who never appeared in the frame.

The main characters of Gossip girl Serena van der Woodsen and her best friend Blair Waldorf. Throughout the first season, boyfriend Serena is young and rich Dan Humphrey's sister Jenny Humphrey constantly intervenes in the life of his brother and his girlfriend. Jenny didn't always take in the cool crowd of young new York millionaire, but she plays in their lives not the last role.

The end of the series

The latest series of the popular worldwide TV series "Gossip girl" was shown by the American TV channel CW 17 December 2012. In the episode, titled "XOXO, Gossip Girl" creators of "Gossip girl" finally placed all points over "i", shocking the entire audience. As it turned out, under the name "Gossip girl" was hiding not a girl, and none other than Dan Humphrey, the boyfriend of the main heroine of the series Serena.

After public recognition in front of their loved ones Dan was announced that gossip girl is dead.

In addition, in the final episode of the Directors is elegantly made up of all vicissitudes of love series. Dan Humphrey, aka the former "Gossip girl", married the beautiful Serena's song: You've Got the Love the popular band Florence + the Machine. Best friend of Serena, Blair Waldorf, is also not left unhappy in the end she remains with her beloved Chuck and happy life with a young son.

The "Gossip girl" was filmed in new York, in such prestigious areas like Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Almost all interior scenes were filmed at the "Silvercup studios" in Queens, but a lot of shooting took place in the homes of new York-the "city of history", as called by the producer of the series Amy Kaufman.