You will need
  • - treats for the puppy.
Prepare the food. It must be the food that the puppy will eat with great pleasure, and certainly not refuse it. Take a tasty morsel in your hand and make the dog understand that you have for her, there is something seductive. Please note that many at a time to give is not worth it. Your task is to produce a reflex. But this does not necessarily feed the puppy a big bowl, enough only to indicate the fact of receiving remuneration.
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Stand near the puppy , and clearly speak the command "Sit". Then raise your arm and move her so the puppy had to lift my head. The optimal trajectory from the source point to the middle of the forehead of the dog. The puppy, trying to follow your movement, begin to look up, but since it is not very convenient, at one point, sit down. Here it is possible to praise, give the treat and pull it behind the ear. Remember that the scheme should always be exactly this: first the team, then running, then treat. Any deviation only pushed you back. The animal cannot understand what it is you want from him if every time receiving the award after performing different actions. Who knows, maybe the owner wants to roll over and lick your hand?
как научить собаку породой той терьер всем видом команд
Follow the definition of all the actions, their sequence and purity of execution. For puppy it should become a ritual. Voice command, its execution and the food. After achieve obedience for treats, you can gradually accustom the child to execute the command without it. Of course, to encourage him still need to reflex continued to receive positive reinforcement. Over time, the dog will realize that the master requires the command in any case and will do so regardless.
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