You will need
  • - form №2 "Report about profits and losses".
Make a record of the meeting of founders on which the decision on payment of dividends according to the accounting policy and accounting certificate-calculation, which reflects the sum of amounts paid. Calculate the amount of net profit, which will go on payment of dividends. Refer to reflect this transaction in the accounting chart of accounts and accounting Regulations.
Reflect in accounting the accrual of dividends to the debit of account 84 "retained earnings" and credit of account 75 or 70. In the first case, the income you receive, the founders of the company and third-party auctioneers, and the second – employees having shares in the organization. Accrued profit tax and reflect it in the certificate 2-NDFL, and on sheet 3 of the Tax return.
Refer to item 21 of PBU 4/99 "Accounting reporting of the enterprise" for the Report on profits and losses. There needs to be a calculation of the net profits of the enterprise during the reporting period. Show the amount of interim dividends in the statement of profit and loss in the line "Current profit tax" in parentheses with a minus sign. In this scenario accounting entry with credit scores of 70 or 75 and the debit of account 99 "Profits and losses". Dividends are credited at the end of the reporting periods, according to the new forms of accounting reports for 2011, does not reflect in the statement of profit and loss.
Align the Report information about profit and loss statement form number 2 and the balance sheet according to form 1, which diverge at the end of the reporting period due not reflect dividends. To do this, at line 190 of form 2 "Net profit/loss of the reporting period," you must enter a value that is equal to the difference data of the end and beginning of the reporting period, line 470 form # 1, increased by the amount of dividends paid.