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  • Balance and losses
According to the Directive all of the economic company should publish its balance sheet to third parties could obtain reliable information on the status of the organization. General information on the movement and availability of cash of the undistributed profit and uncovered losses is reflected in the 84 account of the balance sheet.
Loss covered by a reserve Fund profit of previous years, earmarked contributions, additional paid-in capital and capital increase to the size of net assets. The loss remains uncovered only in the case that the available sources for repayment are insufficient.With the success of the organization part of the profit is kept in reserve in case of losses in the future: the Debit 84, 82 Credit.
On account 99 "Profits and losses" is a debit or a credit balance, which before the approval is transferred to the account "Uncovered losses". Profit is taken into account: the Debit 99, the Credit 84. In the case of loss is the reverse posting: the Debit 84, 99 Credit. Once in the next reporting period at the meeting of the owners of the organization will approve the distribution of profits is carried out the reformation, the aim of which is to write-off 84 of the target amounts. In this case, it is credited to the account "Calculations on payment of incomes": the Debit 84, Credit 75.
When to cover the loss of profits is directed, which was once reserved, it is posting: the Debit 82, 84 of the Credit. If directed undistributed profit from previous periods: the Debit 84, 84 Loan. To bring the authorized capital of the organization to the size of net assets: Debit 80 Credit 84. The owners of the organization can repay the loss for your account: the Debit 75, the Credit 84. Any expenses of the organization should be debited for 80 account, or included in the cost of the assets.
If loss-making organization in the next reporting period will receive the income until you have repaid all losses for past periods, dividends may not be paid.