You will need
  • - grunt
  • - flower pot
  • planting material
Lavender is loved by a person for the unique flavor, possessing healing properties, beautiful colors. This plant is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, cooking, medicine. Lavender is successfully grown in the home and in the garden.
You can find several varieties of this ornamental plant. But growth at home is more French lavender. The most effective methods to obtain a Bush of lavender is to plant the cuttings with a length of 8-10 cm, you can get It from an annual woody shoots and rooting in the soil, cover the glass jar or plastic bag. Another way to grow lavender is to use cuttings of adult plants. For this spring are bent 2-3 escape and fix them in the soil method prokalyvanie. The following season the young plants separated from the mother and planted in the right place.
More difficult to grow lavender from seed at home. After their acquisition should be stratifitsirovannoi of seed. For this purpose, you need to mix seeds with moist sand for 4-5 weeks to withstand at the temperature +5*C. in a small container with a low side you want to pour the wet sand and mix it with lavender seeds. Then cover with a damp paper towel and put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
During this time, you will need to acquire neglazurovannyj clay pot (which is capacity optimal for this plant). The diameter of the pot should be more than 15 cm Then you need to take care of the soil. For growing lavender is not suitable soil from the garden, so it is better to buy it in the store for gardeners. Because this flower does not like acidic soils, the soil you should add perlite or one teaspoon of powdered lime.
After 40-50 days after the beginning of stratifitsirovannoi seeds, they are planted in the ground. To facilitate the process, you can do this: pour a thin layer of sand with the seeds, moisten it and sprinkle with a small amount of soil. The soil in the pot should be regularly watered, but not pereuserdstvovat. It is sufficient to follow the order. to the soil in the pot must be kept moist.
If quality seeds, they will sprout fairly quickly. If after a month there was not a single sprout, the seed well chosen. You can try to "Wake up" seeds in the following way: for 2-3 weeks to put the pot on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, and then in a warm place. If after these manipulations fail, you will have to buy new seeds lavender.
If the shoots appeared, they should choose a bright place. Lavender loves the heat and sun it needs to be considered when it is grown at home. Watering should be regular, but not to excess. The soil needs time to dry. In the warm season lavender can be put on the balcony. But in the wind it is better to enter into the room, as this plant is afraid of drafts.