Solutions and infusions from bugs

Use a solution of potassium permanganate for the destruction of bugs on indoor plants. They need to spray the plants daily for 1 week. It is important that prior to water procedure. You want to take a plant affected by bugs, and put it under the shower for 10-15 minutes. After a week of fighting bugs, you will need to leave flowers for three days. After this time, carefully inspect them. If some areas will still be bugs, you can perform the treatment with a solution of potassium permanganate 4 more times. After that, the pests will disappear completely.

Helps against bugs calendula tincture. It is diluted in warm water in the following ratio 1:5. Ready solution required to spray through the day the plants until the complete disappearance of pests. In severe cases flowers bugs one should use tobacco extract. Dilute it is not required. Must three times every week to spray them every houseplant infected with pests. The same procedure for getting rid of bugs is with the use of a garlic infusion.

Drastic measures

Some types of bugs affect not only the flowers, stems and leaves of plants, and root system. Therefore, if you notice that the pests are present in the soil, it would require drastic measures. First, take the new substrate. Then remove the affected home flowers from the pots and carefully remove soil. It is advisable to rinse them under running water. If some of the leaves and buds of the plants too badly damaged bugs, it is best to break off.

Dilute chemical agent "Aktara" in accordance with the instructions on the package and spray the resulting solution each plant. Then fill the pots thoroughly cleaned new substrate and put them in treated flowers. Top definitely mix in a small amount of burnt sand (you can use regular ash). Pour the plants with a soap solution and place on the windowsill. After a week, produce their re-processing with "Aktara".

Remember that when using chemicals it is necessary to work in a respirator, goggles and gloves. This will protect the hands and the mucous from their adverse effects. The very treatment is best done in the fresh air.