To do this, look in the left column of functions ("My page", "My friends"... etc) the link "My settings" and click on this inscription.
Before you open the first page of the settings "General". The first line says "Additional services" under this inscription lists all the links that can appear in the same left column menu on your page. Tick select and close those that you do not use, leave blank boxes — they will not take place in the functions list on the left. To "Documents" appear in the left menu, select the checkbox — the word "Documents" here will appear in the menu. Changes are automatically saved.
Now the inscription "Documents" will always be displayed in the left column. Clicking on it, you will see a list of all documents that have ever sent to friends. Hovering the cursor over any of them and you will see in the upper right corner of the row the cross (delete document" and a pencil (edit). Thus you can change the name of the document and put the tag. Clicking on the blue icon format (blue rectangle doc., wma. etc., located to the left), you can download the document to your computer.
You can also see all of your documents, if in dialog with a caller press the button "attach" and choose "document". You will see a list of all documents which you ever operated. Thus the document you have sent to someone once, you can send again, without wasting time on re-injection.