High quality material — the most significant advantage of sinks made of artificial stone. According to international standards in the composition of the artificial stone should be 80% of the chips of natural stone and 20% of auxiliary materials. Note this line, as this is the key to durability of the kitchen sink.
To enhance competitiveness, some well-known manufacturers have developed special formulations of porcelain tiles. It can be on the Teflon, which gives a special dirt repellent, triclosan, and even the silver ions to protect against bacteria.
For the proper choice of sinks made of artificial stone take into account the size of your kitchen. Also important is the future location of the sink relative to the surrounding objects. This will depend on its shape. Angular and shallow models may be preferred if the kitchen is small. If you have spacious kitchen, you can easily choose among the sinks of various shapes and depths, including models with multiple bowls, and adjacent surfaces. With the latter you will give the impression of a single image space. This option is preferred, if your house love to cook. In the deep sink is convenient to put the vegetables to defrost something, to wash the dishes. On the adjacent plane, it is possible to place any utensils.
Do not forget about the color scheme of your kitchen. Washing of artificial stone should fit into the overall interior. Some prefer to choose the sink in tone, and some opposite — playing on the contrast. Expensive copies of high quality are too diverse, original and exclusive.
Washing of artificial stone in different ways to install. They are mortise and overhead. The latter is easier to install, they simply overlap, as other working surfaces. This option is more suitable in that case, if your furniture is represented by a set of individual modules. For installation of the kitchen sink with single top choose inset sink. A novelty of mortise models of artificial stone steel integrated sinks. They form a perfect transition sink in the work surface. It is important to consider that the chosen sink was in one color with the countertop.