Install many-tariff meter. And soon you will notice that is spent on installing the tool easily justified. This counter counts the consumption of electricity depending on time of day. As a rule, at night the price of electricity consumed falls by almost two times, and due to this, in the end, reduced electricity bills. The effect will be that above, than more you consume electricity at night.
When planning the purchase of equipment, pay attention to the energy efficiency class and features. Better performance and lower energy consumption devices possess class "A", "AA" and "AAA." The value of such goods will noticeably pay off in future use. Choose the size of household appliances that meet the dimensions of your home. Use the "economy" mode when you use all the equipment in your home. If you are going to wash, load is always a full machine. Only when heavily soiled, choose the high temperature wash.
Remember that you cannot install refrigeration equipment near heat sources. This makes the device in emergency mode, leading to unnecessary costs of electricity. Avoid unnecessary opening of refrigerator doors, do not put inside objects with temperature above room temperature.
Promptly switch off unused appliances: TV, computer and lighting. Office equipment – printers and scanners should be turned off completely, because in idle mode, they also consume energy. Do not leave sockets adapters: chargers for batteries, cell phones. Always turn off the light where it is not needed. Advised to avoid bright light. For example, the lamps use significantly less energy than a large chandelier.
Use energy efficient light bulbs. They last 10x longer and use 4 times less energy compared to conventional. Moreover, these bulbs virtually no heat, it takes energy just for lighting, and the duration of their service is three years.
If you have at home an electric stove, it is necessary to choose the right cooking utensil. The bottom should be smooth and the diameter should match the diameter of the plates. When cooking as little as possible open the lid and when the water boils reduce the heating power. Turn off the stove for a few minutes until cooked meals. It will cook until ready on the cooling plate. It is not always necessary in an electric kettle to replace conventional. And if you have a gas stove, is it worth it to spend money on a slow cooker? There are a number of household appliances that consume a lot of electricity, but at home not so necessary.