If your outlet is a large store, the supermarket or the Mall, there's bound to be an administrator. The task of the administrator is to monitor the sellers. If you are not sure of the integrity of a private seller, ask to keep an eye on him. In the administrator track what time is spent and comes to the seller.
Get special magazines, which the seller would have to write a report on each sold their belongings and to summarize revenue in a day or shift. For reliability inquire into the outlet in the middle of the day and check how things are going. If the turnover of the store is large enough, then after lunch, you can pick up a portion of the proceeds.
The most reliable way to control the seller is, of course, surveillance. Purchase the camera and install it in the outlet. The average purchase of camcorder will cost you 3-5 Tr to Spend money on overly expensive equipment is not enough to be a simple black-and-white video camera. And if you really want to save money, you can not even connect the device and hang it for show. The mere presence of the observing technology will cause the seller to become more disciplined, the probability that it will test if it works, not so great.
If you sell small goods, it is best to acquire cash with the scanner and do the price tags with barcodes. Then the seller would have less opportunity to sell your product or inflate the price. To be sure, put the price tags on the special printing that are stored only on you. Check the appearance of all tags, if you press no, then he pureclean.
You can use the method of "covert surveillance" and ask someone from acquaintances to visit your shop as a buyer. Ask the buyer to pay special attention to the manners of the seller, its responsiveness, the ability to talk intelligently about the product, etc. by the Way, if it is not possible to send to the store of friends, you can use the services of any firm, which has its "mysterious buyers".