Reliable insulation – the key to reliable operation of the building

With a reliable insulation of roof, walls, Foundation can significantly reduce the cost of space heating. The most efficient materials for long lasting insulation are isobox, roofing, stekloizol.

The roofing material is produced by impregnation of a roofing cardboard with a special bitumen. Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST, a modern roofing material is moisture resistant and does not rot.

As a waterproofing material stekloizol is also used. It is qualitatively different from other bituminous materials. In its composition does not include polymer additives. This means that the lifetime of the stekloizol less than others.

Dignity roofing materials

According to experts, stekloizol outperforms roofing felt and other materials. Fiberglass and fiberglass included in this material, provide excellent quality stekloizola. There are several varieties stekloizola: roofing, cushioning. Material thickness 3-3,5 mm, standard roll width of 1 meter. Laying of roofing material can be carried out at very low temperatures, but even at high temperatures the material completely retains its properties.

There are several types of products designed to insulate buildings. Each type differs in composition and functionality. In the manufacture of roofing material used in polymer modification and fillers. Chalk, limestone, clay and other items increase the performance of moisture and heat resistance.

Features of roofing material and stekloizola

In the same way as stekloizol, roofing material has several varieties: rubemast, stekloruberoid, ruberoid and roofing. Unlike conventional roofing material, roofing materials based on bitumen binder have a high density basis and the presence in its composition of various fillers. Before buying you should check with the roofing is a roofing felt or underlay. The manufacturer indicates the density and type of bedding.

Production technology stekloizola and modern roofing similar to each other. But, on some indicators, stekloizol, nevertheless, inferior roofing materials. Its main plus - affordable price. Functionally, stekloizol combines several functions. The presence of a special layer of water-repellent gives you the opportunity to use the heater as gidroizolyator.